Rail Trail Tip #1 for the New Season 2010/11 - 26th Sep 2010

It's that time of year again - Daylight Savings has kicked in - and we once again welcome a new Otago Rail Trail season.

Plenty of Fun and/or Sun for all those lucky enough to be doing New Zealand's premier bike ride - is guaranteed. 

For those of you looking at doing the Rail Trail this season remember it is easier if you do a bit of practice before hand.

That age old saying still rings true - "No Pain No Gain" and all that other stuff your Mums and Dads used to tell you (see they were right on the odd occasion !!!).

Even cycling a few minutes a day (3km-5km) in preparation can make all the difference.

Good luck in your preparations and if you need any help or are looking to hire a bike don't forget to give us a call for the best deals available on the Otago Rail Trail.

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