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Otago Cycle Hire would like to thank the Dept Of Conservation (DOC) who previously having been over zealous guardians of the Otago Central Rail Trail and (apparently) on behalf of not only the users of this NZ iconic cycle trail but also all of the Rail Trail Operators Group (those making money from the Rail Trail) by banning Electric Bikes on the Otago Central Rail Trail, have finally relented and are now ALLOWING Electric Bikes on the Rail Trail.

Jacob Dexter DOC has recently and kindly "Officially" informed me that the ban on Electric bikes has been removed so that those wanting to complete this icon of NZ cycling trails on an electric bike are now able to do so. I guess 6 months after the decision was made is not a bad effort for a Govt Department employee ,with a chip on his shoulder, to let someone with a vested interest know. Well done Jacob!

Congratulations DOC for finally seeing common sense some 5 years after the issue arose.

The previous DOC stance was in direct contravention to another Gov't department in regards the "Push Play" and staying active mantra that we are constantly hearing on both Radio and Television, daily. One wonders the rationale behind this clash of Gov't policy between departments? Talk about mixed messages.

We had never hired an Electric Bike for use on the Rail Trail but had potentially lost a lot of custom because of the ridiculous DOC stance. Hopefully this will now change.
As the only operator to continually push DOC on this issue to have the rules overturned it is now with some pride that we are able to actually now offer to hire electric bikes on the trail.

To all of you who have sent DOC messages of your outrage at the previous policy a big thank you. Especially to Graeme McCready who once he got his teeth into it was able to, within 24 hours, have all the Govt departments involved (including the Human Rights Commission and the Disability Commissioner) agree that the policy was not only antiquated but also discriminatory. It is amazing what a threat to go public via the media will do. Well done Graeme.

So here is to the ad we have had running  below since 2011/12. Nothing has changed aside from the years.

Our Ad on here since 2011/12 is below:

For the 2011/12 Otago Rail Trail Season Otago Cycle Hire is proud to be the first Bike Hire Operator on New Zealand's iconic Otago Central Rail Trail to be offering Electric Bike rental.

Seeing a gap in the market for those people who want to do the Rail Trail but feel it may be a little to difficult for them Otago Cycle Hire have decided to open the Otago Rail Trail up and hire Electric Bikes thereby making the Rail Trail far more accessible to those wishing to experience it.

Previous levels of fitness that may have been necessary in the past is now no longer an issue if you decide to hire one of our all green Electric Bikes.

Sure it may cost a bit more than the usual bike hire but we can assure you that for those of you who have previously been put off because you have felt that your fitness is somewhat lacking you will now be able complete the Otago Central Rail Trail with relative ease on one of our all new Electric Bikes.

Blow your mates away and impress them that you have completed the Otago Central Rail Trail - Book today.

Interested in tackling the Otago Rail trail on one of our Electric Bikes? Then do not hesitate to contact us to ensure you can get your hands on one for when you need it, as our numbers are strictly limited.

Contact Otago Cycle Hire today.
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